Last Train To Kitty Hawk CD

Last Train To Kitty Hawk


The title track, Last Train to Kitty Hawk  displays an artistic view of progress – much like this album does for Balsam Range. Last Train to Kitty Hawk is a visualization come to life of the musical path Balsam Range chooses to take – progressive yet true to their Carolina roots.This 12 track recording has it all – tunes written in-house as well as songs written by well-known writers such as Larry Cordle, Dottie Rambo and Charlie Monroe. Caleb Smith, BR’s guitarist, demonstrates his writing skills with a lonesome ballad “Jack Diamond” and an instrumental piece, “Jaxon Point”. Millan Miller, the pen behind “Burning Georgia Down” and “Calloway County Flood” recorded on Marching Home, shows up again with Caney Fork River – a lively tune where the character comes full circle by the end of the tune. The driving track, “Julie’s Train” was a result of Buddy Melton and friends getting together and working through a tune in the living room.

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