Music legends, superstars, and our heroes are coming to Canton NC to perform with us this winter for 5 spectacular shows!!

Posted on: November 7th, 2012 by Darren Nicholson

I am so proud to announce the 3rd Annual Winter Concert Series!!! ¬†We are bringing the best acts in music to Canton NC and these folks are at the top of their respective fields. ¬†You can’t miss a one of these folks because it is very rare you will see these performers in our region.

Get tickets now at 828-235-2760 or The Colonial Theatre.

Dec 1st 2012 – SHAWN CAMP w/ Mike Bub, Larry Atamanuik, Guthrie Trapp (Legendary musician, hit singer/songwriter performs with Nashville’s A-Team musicians)

Jan 5th 2013 - JOHN DRISKELL HOPKINS (Member of the Zac Brown Band , a multi-Grammy winning, Platinum selling artist who just finised a collaborative cd with BR)

Feb 2nd 2013 – MISSY RAINES & THE NEW HIP (7 time IBMA Bass Player of the Year. Country, Soul, Jazz, Newgrass Fusion with a hot band)

Mar 2nd 2013 – LARRY CORDLE, CARL JACKSON, & JERRY SALLEY (Multi-Grammy winners. Legendary Country & Bluegrass Stars. The best trio singing you’ll ever hear.)

April 6th 2013 – JIM HURST (IBMA Guitar Player of the Year. Phenomal guitar picking, pure vocals, and unparalled musical eclecticism)

Winter Concert Series at the Colonial Theater in Canton NC. Only seats 300 so get your tickets now!!!  Tickets are only $15.00 each. Order by phone (visa/mastercard) 828-235-2760 to reserve your tickets now. Or pick your tickets up at the Colonial Theater (bus. hours from 9am-4pm). Season tickets and tickets for ALL shows are available now!

BR will also perform each of these nights. All showtimes are 7:30pm.


Make dinner plans at Sids On Main in Canton NC before each show!!
If you’re traveling from out of town then be sure to stay overnight at the gorgeous Waynesville Inn located in Waynesville NC.
Be sure to pick up Balsam Range Coffee at Smoky Mountain Coffee Roasters in Hazelwood NC.
And for all of your real estate needs…see our friend and everyone elses… the amazing Amy Spivey.
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5 Responses

  1. avatar Gwen Eddy says:

    So glad to see you guys are staying busy. Wish we could cross paths with you soon.
    Tim…love what you did with Mountain Faith. I know David is smiling down from Heaven.
    Will see you here, there or in the air.
    Jesus is coming soon!
    Love, Eddy’s

  2. hello, I see you at the Sierra Hull Bluegrasfestival. Me and my wife visit Byrdstown in October. I like your music and bought the CD Papertown. But I found no lyrics on it. Could you send me the lyrics? I play Guitar and learn to play mandolin. In Germany we have not so many musicans, to play bluegrass. But I try it.
    God bless you

  3. avatar Tim O'Rourke says:

    Chuck Jacobs sent me to your site. He’s one of the best humans left on the Planet. He loves your music.
    Keep up the wildness.

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