“Songs of Haywood County” wins NC history award!

Posted on: October 25th, 2012 by Marc Pruett

We are so proud of Buddy Melton, Milan Miller and Mark Winchester for their “Paul Green Multimedia Award” from the North Carolina Society of History…and it was for their album of original songs, SONGS FROM HAYWOOD COUNTY!!! Buddy is a humble person and probably wouldn’t have put this post up…but the rest of us did!!! His CD mentioned here is one cool walk through unique Western North Carolina history. Not only is it a fabulous performance…it is incredible song writing from this trio. You guys might remember that Milan, Buddy and Mark have helped write a bunch of BR’s songs…and we want to add to their well deserved recognition given this past Saturday night at the Society’s annual banquet in Mooresville, NC at the Hilton Garden Inn. We heard that the vote was unanimous from 84 submissions! Great work men!!! Balsam Range is proud of you!!! And if anyone wants to pick up a copy of their CD, we carry them on our show and the web site.

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  1. avatar Flora Beard says:

    Congrats Buddy! We are so proud of you and your talents. Glad you are doing better and what an honor!

    • avatar Marc Pruett says:

      Thanks Flora. We all really appreciate the support we get from our friends. Thanks again for your nice comments.

  2. avatar Kelly Donaldson says:

    Congratulations! According to the N.C. Society of Historians’ website, the award is actually for both CDs, “Songs from Haywood County,” and “Songs from Jackson County.” Here is the link: http://www.ncsocietyofhistorians.org/NCSH/2012_Winners.html

  3. avatar Sharon Byers Conner says:

    Dear Mark and ALL who were involved with the Haywood County Songs!
    I LOVE my CD and have given several of them to various family members who no longer live in WNC! My daughter, Heidi Clark (Sutton), Lt. Col. USAF, LOVES it, too! My twin granddaughters (who have angelic voices) love SCARLET TIDE. . . and were captivated by POOR CHILD. . . . I even had to take them to UTAH MOUNTAIN so they could visualize where Nance Dude left her grandchild. Many stories which were on the CD were NEW TO ME, A HAYWOOD CHILD with roots back to the first settlers in Crabtree, ie. Joseph and Sarah Vaughn McCracken!!! I had NO IDEA that Buddy Melton was in Heidi’s class a WJHS (when I taught there years ago) and at THS ’87! Marc, you were always a “winner” in my book at PHS in the Band of Bears! So. . . I’m personally letting you know that the Class of ’68 (my class) is inviting the Class of ’67 and the Class of ’69 (your class) to re-unite the FIRST THREE CLASSES of PISGAH HIGH SCHOOL this next September 28, 2013!!! I’d love it if you could “persuade” some of your “musical fellers” to come along as well. We’re having a joint picnic at the Canton Rec Park, then later eating at Sid’s on Main (gotta support our Pisgah Stars, right!!!) Details will be made public later, but you’ll just have to mark your calendar NOW for this reunion!!! Congratulations to Buddy, Milan Miller and Mark Winchester for this historic honor. . . (not that you guys need it, for you’re famous already!!!)
    Love ya,
    Sharon Byers (Conner. . . yes, I have married Coach Scott Conner, my 9th grade science teacher and my girls’ basketball coach!!! 18 years now of “wedded bliss”!!! ) Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

    • avatar Marc Pruett says:

      Hey Sharon! Thank you so much for your nice thoughts. Music does bring us together in good ways. We are glad to know of your family and their lives, and we hope we can connect with you all sometime soon. Have a great week and take care!

  4. avatar Linda Slizoski says:

    Congratulations on your award, Buddy, Milan and Mark. We are blessed to be able to listen to and enjoy the things Buddy does. Larry and I see Balsam Range whenever they are in SDC. Larry is retired, but I take my vacation to be there all the days you are there. We love Balsam Range and hope you get more of the recognition you all deserve. My sister from Pittsboro, NC flies to Omaha and rides to SDC with us to see Balsam Range. I love being a Balsam Nation member. You are all fantastic. Linda and Larry

    • avatar Marc Pruett says:

      Hey Linda! Big thanks for such a nice note! We are proud to have you all as Bluegrass friends, and we look forward to seeing you guys again soon. We’re glad to know you enjoy Balsam Nation…and we can’t wait to come back to SDC and have some of that great BBQ! We hope you have a wonderful holiday season as well as a safe winter…all the best…Marc for Buddy and BR!

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