Balsam Nation bloopers

Pod Stewart Productions presents: A Humorous Explanation of the Creation of Balsam Nation With Translation at


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    In what manner will we recieve our 1 sq. foot of your new Tour bus and will we be able to “RIDE THIS BUS”?
    I cant wait.


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    Love your music guys! I’m from Cincinnati and hope to see you live someday. Congratulations on your new CD and I can’t wait to hear it! Your music soothes the soul and makes me miss where I’m from in Southwest PA. Excellent work guys!

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    An amazing study into why you guys are such great musicians, promotions……… not so much. The fundraiser for the Balsam/Willetts VFD was astounding, after the sun went down I actually saw a goose bump on my arm, haven’t seen one of those since “Big Lick”. Congratulations on the Balsam Range Day! Hope to see you in Charlotte.
    Your favorite “grandma groupie”
    Karen Carnes


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