Introducing Balsam Nation

Posted on: May 1st, 2012 by Tim Surrett

Let us introduce you to Balsam Nation:

What is Balsam Nation?

Balsam Nation is Balsam Range + YOU.

We’re from the mountains of North Carolina but we free range from the Smokies to the Rockies…From the Plains of Texas to Boston Common and beyond. We’re an ever-growing family made up of millworkers, railroad hands, foot soldiers, church house preachers and schoolhouse teachers; we’re fireman and policemen, doctors and lawyers, jokers and joggers, clowns and cloggers. We’re lumberjacks and well drillers, number crunchers and burger grillers!

We’re the post office, the paper mill, the bowling alley and the beauty parlor. We’re college kids and grandkids, and the parents and grandparents. We’re renegades, retirees, republicans and democrats. We’re hillbillies and rednecks, hunters and fishermen. We’re autoworkers and steelworkers. We’re Balsam Nation, no matter what we do for a living or where we happen to live.

We are the music of family and faith, of fun and friends. We Are Balsam Nation!

Member Benefits

Your one-year Balsam Nation membership (July 1, 2012—June 30, 2013) includes:

  1. The New Album, Papertown: We’ll send you our new CD before anyone can purchase it. OR choose to download it with the artwork and get it even earlier. (Learn more…)
  2. Monthly Music Mania: Twelve MORE new songs, delivered to you digitally here on this site, one per month. (Learn more…)
  3. Music Video: Download your very own copy of our new single-song video. (Learn more…)
  4. reLIVE: EVEN MORE music! We will record one of our concerts this year, live, and will make it available to you here on this site as a download, only for members of Balsam Nation. (Learn more…)
  5. Member Hangouts: Come hang out with us backstage before select live shows. (Learn more…)
  6. Mobile App: New Balsam Nation Mobile App (iPhone / Android). Chat live with other Balsam Nation members and the band at shows. (Learn more…)
  7. Pick With the Band®: Download Papertown, minus one instrument (your choice), so you can pick along with us. (Learn more…)

Not only will you receive all this, but you will also be supporting Balsam Range directly as we tour and share the music that you already love with new fans all over the world.

If you’re among the first 1,000, you will get a free video download of Balsam Range’s first live performance of “Wide River,” a song from Papertown!

Join today!

28 Responses

  1. avatar Gary and Pandra says:

    We do not have a registered account with Balsam Range but we would like to join Balsam Nation. Please let me know how to register our username and password. Thanks…this is a great idea..looking forward to the summer in NC and all your local dates!
    Gary and Pandra McLaughlin

  2. avatar Krisstyn says:

    I made the trek across country to see you a few years back at L’il John’s and you guys were even better in person than I ever imagined! I’m making that trek again this year and hoping some more tour dates get added in NC or SC toward the end of August so I can share the experience with my family this time too. Since I live most of the way across the country, I found it only fitting to join Balsam Nation as well. The albums are just too far apart for those of us that can’t see you live very often, and Balsam Nation helps bring more music to us. Thank you all for the great tunes and inspiration!

  3. avatar linda slizoski says:

    I would love to be a Balsam Nation Member. Is there a way to join by mailing in the info needed, along with credit card info and not do this online? Thanks, Linda

    Larry and I will be at SDC and I know we will be at all of your shows – can hardly wait. We love Balsam Range!

  4. avatar George says:

    Hey guys~ I was lucky enough to get a private concert from you five years ago, at NCCAT in Cullowhee when you were first starting out as a band. I was an instant fan, and have seen you many times since. I think this is a great idea, and I just signed up. One question~ can I purchase an additional “Pick Along” for Papertown when it becomes available? I pick banjo, and would also enjoy singing along to the tracks.

  5. avatar Kyle says:

    Really excited about balsam nation! I signed up from my iPad on the plane yesterday…..Can’t wait for a mid-flight concert!

    See y’all this weekend!

  6. avatar Renee Martin says:

    I signed up last night for Balsam Nation gave all the info but did not get a e-mail that said it went through. Not sure if I need to try again.

    • avatar Balsam Range says:

      Renee, we just checked through the orders, and we didn’t see your name appear; to be safe, we also checked through the credit card transaction history for the week, and we didn’t see your name appear there, either. So you should be safe to try again. Make sure to fill out all the required fields, and to check the box verifying that you’re over 13.

  7. avatar Clifton Posey says:

    Ok guys, I joined, so now I guess we just wait until July 1st to see action from BR. Look’in forward to this, I love it, Not sure I can replace Darrin on lead, but hey I’ll try, ha love ya guys.

    • avatar Tim Surrett says:

      Hey Bud. Glad you joined up with us! I think this is gonna be a lot of fun. Pass the word!
      Say hey to the church folk for me.

    • I just listened to it Clifton. Tim called me and said THIS IS IT! We’re SO proud. You and all our other buddies truly inspire us to keep plugging. Love yall

  8. avatar Phil Cathey says:

    Looking forward to seeing you guys at Sacajawea bluegrass festival the second weekend of June. Come by and say Hi I should be staying on sv We Be Jammin my sailboat. I’m a Dobro player and I’m glad you have a Dobro player in your band. I’m originally from near Maggie Valley NC, it will be great to have a real NC bluegrass band playing here.

    • avatar Tim Surrett says:

      Hey Phil! Look me up out there. We’re excited to be coming out that way.

      • avatar Phil Cathey says:

        I see your address in Lake Junuluska, actually that is where I grew up but most folks don’t know where that is compaired to Maggie. I’ve played on stage with my old friend and probably cusion Raymond Fairchild. Actually I am the person who started the bluegrass festival a Sacajawea 9 years ago, I got hooked on Dobro at my Grandfarther’s funeral when I was 5 in 1955 when Flatt and Scruggs played. If you can’t carry your Dobro out here I have a couple of nice ones you can borrow.

        • avatar Tim Surrett says:

          I might take you up on that! That is a really kind offer. I hate flying instruments. Scares me!

  9. avatar Phil Cathey says:

    I just talked to John Top and he wanted to see if I would take you guys on a cruse on the Columbia river on Thur evening. I have a 34 ft sailing catamaran named We Be Jammin 14 ft beam and it will definitely hold everyone. You probably should bring a swettshirt evenings are cool.

  10. hey guys, enjoyed your great show at Willow Oak music park, it was all worth the freezing ;-). Are there any German members in Balsam Nation yet? I’d love to be the first one! Btw, please cross the ocean in near future…

  11. avatar Myra Faulkenbury says:

    I have officially joined! can’t wait to see BR and all the good things that is going to happen for you guys!!
    Biggest Balsam Nation Fan!!!!


    P.S. Hope to see you guys real soon!!

  12. avatar Sandra Freeman or Larry Freeman says:

    Hey guys! Enjoyed your show at the RWB festival in Morganton but really missed Buddy. Hope he is feeling better. We did join Balsamnation and have my member code but I am not finding the website of as you requested at the venue. HELP!!! thanks Sandra & Larry Freeman

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