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Video from Balsam Range

Balsam Range is in the studio tonight. They took a break for a few minutes to sit down for a video update:

Be sure to go out and support the group at the April 1 SCAN concert, the April 7 concert at the Colonial with David Johnson, and other upcoming dates!


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    Thanks so much for taking time to bring us this encouraging update on our friend, Buddy. We sure appreciate you guys more than you will ever know.

    Take care,
    The Baucoms

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    Thanks for the update on Buddy! We will continue to keep him, as well as his family and Balsam Range in our prayers. We love you guys!

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    Thanks for taking time out to let us know how things are going with Buddy and also with you. He’s lucky to have your support and friendship. We will continue to keep him, his family and you guys in our prayers. Looking forward to hearing you say that he’s recovered and back to his old self really soon.

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    Thanks for keeping us updated on Buddy! I pray he continues to improve and is able to eventually come back to be with the band. He is such a vital part! I love to hear him sing “Blue Mountain”. I can just close my eyes, listen to this song and just feel so relaxed and comforted. Thanks for bringing us such great bluegrass music. My husband and I both love you all! Stay safe in your travels! God bless each of you and your families as well as Buddy and his family!

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    You all are like an extended family to so many. Ypu are loved deeply and are always a thought and a prayer away
    and know Bussy you are lifted up by so many who love you and admire the strength and deep abiding love for God you have. You are not alone in this walk. Your Heavenly Fathers arms are wrapped around you. He will allow you a gift from this.
    Prayers and Blessings,

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    Dear friends,

    Just to let you all know that across the Atlantic we think about Buddy as well. Get well soon!

    Ruud de Bruin

    Workshop Coordinator
    European World of Bluegrass (EWOB)
    The Netherlands

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    Thank you for the update on Buddy. Please know my prayers for him, his family and BR will continue. May the Good Lord keep him strong and bless him with a speedy recovery.

    Much love,

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    Libby and I appreciate you’re updates on Buddy. Buddy remains in our thoughts and prayers everyday. We wish a speedy recovery for him and God’s strength to support Buddy his wife and family and his Balsam Range family. Again guys thank you for you’re updates and keeping on with the best bluegrass anywhere around.
    Sincerely, Ray and Libby Athens Ga.

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    Buddy, his family and Balsam Range has been in our prayers.
    We have the faith that Buddy will be back soon and better then ever. We look forward to seeing you all back together in Burnsville. If there is anything and we mean this please let me and Wade know. We would help out in anyway that is needed. It break our heart that Buddy in pain, we will keep praying the the Lord will take all the pain away.

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us how things are going with Buddy and Balsam Range. We will keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers! We will be seeing you in SDC. Larry and Linda

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    We have been to all of your Colonial Theatre concerts and are big fans. Please know that we are praying for you Buddy and the rest of you guys. when we are weak He is strong.

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    We have been checking you web site everyday. Thanks for the update. We will continue to pray for Buddy, his family and the entire band. We always love seeing all of you perform and can’t wait for the entire band to be back togeather again. We know that God has GREAT plans for Buddy and Balsam Range and can’t til you guys are all together again. We will see you in Mooresville this weekend.

    God Bless,

    Dale and Debbie

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    Thanks so much for keeping us updated on Buddy’s progress. The outpouring of support only solidifies what I’ve always known – this bluegrass community, at least here in Asheville, is truly an amazing, wonderful gift.

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    Prayers are continuing for Buddy to have a speedy recovery and for you BR, as you continue on with your music. We love you all so much !

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    Darren, Caleb and Tim, We loved the video from the studio. We appreciate your taking the time from your busy schedule. You guys and Mark are surely an important support to Buddy and his family. We continue to pray for you, Buddy and his family. Love you!

    Bill and Louise

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    Thank you guys for the update on Buddy. I have become huge fans of your harmony,musical talent and probably most of all is how personable you all are when meeting w/you at festivals and in public. I have a poster that you all signed for me last year at Lil John’s . Buddy said it was his favorite poster. The last train to Kitty Hawk. It is proudly displayed in my travel camper and now even more it means much to me.
    God bless yo all and my thoughts and payers are w/Buddy.

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    I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know that you are in my thoughts and that I continually will keep you in my prayers. Love you all.

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    Thanks guys for sharing updates on Buddy’s progress. As fans of Balsam Range, this video gives us even more insight into the very heart of your music & into your own hearts and faith as well. We will continue to remember Buddy and his family in our prayers as he makes this journey to regain his health. We will look forward to that day when he joins you on stage once again. Take care and keep on bringing the gift of your music to us all. May God bless you!

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    This new recording that you guys are doing is going to be the best one yet. Overcoming adversity is part of making things better than you could have have planned for in the beginning. Harder than crossing That Ol’ Caney Fork River Im sure but I know you guys will perservere. After knowing you guys, some of you longer than others, I can say I’ve never met a better combination of band memebers. With all my thoughts and prayers,


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    We have been following Buddy’s status and were thrilled to see that he is back and making good progress. We think you guys are the best and can’t wait to see you again. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


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