Thanks to all our friends and family for the overwhelming show of support for Buddy Melton.

As many of you already know, our beloved Buddy Melton was severely injured in a farming accident today. Thanks to all our friends and family for the overwhelming show of support. We just want to report that Buddy is in stable condition and showing signs of improvement. We are all very hopeful that his condition will continue to improve. I spent the evening at the hospital with him, and he was in good spirits, all things considered. There are several surgeries to come within the next week. Please check our official website and facebook for updates. The Melton family, and the Balsam Range families appreciate your continued prayers and support. When asked by the head of our record label this evening what statement he would like to make to the press, Buddy replied, “One cow, free to good home.”

Please accept our apologies if we haven’t responded to e-mails, calls, texts, posts, etc. It’s been a very hectic time, where our main concern has been Buddy’s welfare and privacy. Thank you for understanding.

At Buddy’s request we will be touring as listed on the official website until he fully recovers. We will perform with a temporary replacement until he is well. We will look forward to friendly handshakes, hugs, fellowship …as well as laughter as we return to Dillard GA this weekend.  Wish you were with us Buddy.  We love you so much pal!!


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    I will be praying for Buddy’s full recovery!

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    Love Balsam Range. Love Buddy! Praying for rapid recovery. Will miss him at Dillard this weekend, but will look forward to full recovery and catching him with the band again soon. God’s blessings for him, his family, and all the Balsam Range families.

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    We are praying for Buddy. He is so special as a talent and as a person. His family and Balsam Range members are in prayer, too.
    Bill and Louise

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      Appreciate it you guys. Hopefully he’ll be back when you guys are!

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    Our prayers are with you Buddy as you deal with these recent challenges. Wishing you the best and hoping for a speedy and full recovery.
    Bryan and Joanna

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    Much love to Buddy and his family, We will be praying for a full and speedy recovery.” Put what matters the most first.” Tell Buddy to pull don’t push next time! When a cow says no she means no.

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    Best wishes for Buddy’s speedy and full recovery… our thoughts are with his family and the Balsam Range family at this difficult time. I will never forget the great times we had at Asheville Community Theatre…. PHIL

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    Sure have been praying for Buddy and have others praying also. God is good all the time! So glad to hear his sense of humor is intact 🙂 Will keep praying. Jeremiah 33:3, Isaiah 41:10, 40:31

    Love your music and God bless!

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    You will be in our prayers! As everyone says, “If you need anything”… But We really mean it! We are farm people too and if you need any help with those arnery cows, let us know!

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    Sure glad to hear Buddy is doing okay. Sure hope he is feeling better today. Hang in there all of you. God bless. South Central Missouri wishes you all the best.

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    Buddy, you are tough as a pine knot and we know you will pull through this. Prayers for you and the family and see you soon!

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    I am praying for a quick and full recovery for Buddy and comfort for his family. And praying for the rest of the band as you guys try to work through this time with Buddy out!

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    We are all praying for Buddy and his family.

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    We’ll be praying for Buddy and his complete recovery at our house!

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    The Hooper family is praying for Buddy’s swift recovery, for his family, and the whole Balsam Range family. May God be with you all during this tough time. Remember, you’re in His grip! Hang in there, Buddy.

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    Wishing for a full recovery for Buddy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Honey Holler Band

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    I’ll be praying for Buddy’s swift and complete recovery. We all know You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down. So when you feel up to laughing, Buddy, here’s something to consider …. EAT MO CHICKEN!!
    Love To You All Of You

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    Dude, next time you decide to fight a cow, you should wear a catchers mask or something!

    All joking aside, here’s to wishing a speedy recovery and return to fantastic music making.

    – Buddy (the other one from the Old Mater Farm)

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    We are praying for Buddy & a quick recovery, his family and for the band. We have a great God & you are in his hands.

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    Hey Buddy there is a bright side to this accident. If there was anything you didn’t like about your face before now is the time to tell the surgeons to fix it. After all,as long as the hood is up one might as well fix everthing. Our heart felt best wishes to you and yours for a speedy recovery.

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    Praying for a quick and full recovery for you.

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    Buddy, your usual sense of humor is astonishing!, no we don’t want that cow even if it is free! Our best to you and Carla, we will be praying for a swift recovery! Your Liner Creek neighbors

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    Guys, sure hated to hear about Buddy’s accident. Tell him prayers are going up from me and I will put him on the prayer list at church, I pray for a quick recovery and God blessyou all.

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    We’ll be praying for you Buddy and wishing you a speedy and full recovery.

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    Our prayers and thoughts are with Buddy, Carla and the entire family.

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    Buddy, Carla and family! Your Liner Creek “family” sends love and prayers.

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    Praying that God guides the surgeon’s hands and healing will be quick and pain free. Please, let us know if you or your family need anything.

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    Prayers for a speedy, complete recovery. We are big fans of everyone in Balsam Range!

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    Dear Darren & band members,
    Sallye and I hope and pray that Buddy will recover fully from this accident.
    With our best wishes for a speedy and full recovery for Buddy.
    Martin & Sallye Fox Fairview NC

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    We are hoping and praying for speedy and and full recovery for Buddy.

    Martin & Sallye Fox Fairview NC

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    Buddy, You are in our thoughts and very much in our prayers. Keep a good thought, look to the future and trust in the lord.
    Bert & Bea, Charlottesville, Virginia

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    Buddy and Family,

    Y’all are in my thoughts and prayers! Here’s hoping for a quick recovery for Buddy’s sake. Take it easy and don’t fret for even a second, Buddy. This is a time where you need to rest and let others take care of things for awhile. God bless to all of you.


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    Prayers to Buddy and his family. We are all thinking about him and you guys. We love you all. Please give Buddy our best wishes for a speedy and full recovery. Steve, Dotty, JT and Jeremy ‘LEATHERWOODS’

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    Certainly do pray for a speedy recovery. . . and I’d just make steaks and hamburger out of Bessie for putting one over on you! Get well soon! Sharon Byers Conner

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    I wish Buddy a speedy recovery. He is in my thoughts and prayers.
    Hang in there and get well soon.

    Best wishes,

    Tom Mendenhall
    Woodstock, Ga

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    You are in my prayers.Hope you have a speedy recovery!

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    You are in my prayers.Hope you have a speedy recovery!

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    Karen and I have Buddy in our prayers. We love you guys, and hope he has a speedy recovery. You have a lot of friends here in York County , PA.
    Our friends Al & Heidi are going to Dillard and we send our thoughts and love with them.
    Get well, Buddy. No one else can sing “Blue Mountain”. The best!!

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    Praying for your speedy healing and recovery.
    Gene Reasoner

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    To Buddy, the Melton family & the the guys of Balsam Range. The power of prayer is divine & many, many prayers are coming your way!

    Very Sincerely,
    Mary Rita Sandoval

    Asheville, NC

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    Sorry to hear of Buddy’s accident. Best wishes for a speedy recovery-our thoughts are with him and his family
    and the Balsam Range family. We miss you guys at the “Old
    Mill”. Hope to see you soon. You guys are the best!!

    Winston & Glenna Kiser
    Lebanon, Va.

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    Sorry to hear of Buddy’s accident. Best wishes for a speedy recovery-our thoughts are with him and his family and the Balsam Range family. We miss you guys at the “Old Mill”. Hope to see you soon. You guys are the

    Winston & Glenna Kiser
    Lebanon, Va.

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    Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Buddy. May the hands of the surgeon be steady and skilled, just as Buddy’s hands are when he plays that fiddle. I love your music and believe all y’all to be such fine, fine people. Sending positive thoughts from New Jersey.

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    Sorry your mom and dad had to cut there winter in Florida short. “Do not be afraid to enter the cloud that has descended on your life for God is in the cloud.” Praying for you and your family.

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    hope your injuries wert real serious love your husic get well fast will pray for you god has purpous rof everything

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    Prayers for Buddy, family, and BR family.
    Glad to know he is doing better.
    Hope to hear you folks soon.
    Bill and Jane Stanley

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    Get better soon Buddy. God will take care of you. We will be praying for your speedy recovery.

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    Sue and I wish you a speedy recovery. We will wish god’s healing hands upoon you as you mend. Until we hear that fiddle again and the greatest tenor voice ever, I guess all those mountains will be a deeper blue. So get better fast!

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    We love you, your family and your music. We are praying for healing and full recovery to your normal life and sweet music.


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